Weeds in the garden

Charlie P. (he/him)

Featuring (L-R): Cynthia P. (she/he/they) and Charlie P.

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Image Description: Two people are sitting on the floor together, with various potted plants in the background. On the right, Charlie, a white man with shoulder-length brown hair and a short beard is sitting cross legged. He is smiling while looking directly at the camera. He is wearing a denim jacket with a navy blue shirt with the sleeves pushed up and light blue jeans. On his jacket is a trans flag pin. He has a tattoo of a bat’s face showing on his arm. On the left and slightly behind is his partner, Cynthia, an Indigenous person with long brown hair in two braids and black rimmed glasses. They are looking at Charlie and smiling. They are wearing a green sweater and blue jeans with black boots. They are sitting with both legs outstretched to the side.

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