no other queers would think you know how to hold me


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Image Description: A non-binary curvy body sits on a bed, in the foreground, wearing a yellow flannel, plaid button-up shirt with their sleeves rolled up. The frame cuts off their neck; only a torso is visible. They are pantsless, and sitting with their left leg extended beyond the frame, and their right leg folded underneath, with their hands resting on their legs. Behind them, in the background, is a cisgender man’s body leaning against the bed frame, sitting with his legs extended. Also pantsless, he is wearing a black t-shirt with a small rainbow design on the right side of his chest, and black socks. His right leg is touching the non-binary person’s leg. They are both relaxed and comfortable. There is a duvet, tossed to the side, that is in the left of the frame.

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