Let's crush the system

Aiden (he/him)

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Image Description: Aiden, an individual with a disability, is jumping in the air with his arms outstretched and his knees bent. On the ground are five signs made of white cardboard boxes that are positioned one after the other in snow with dirty tire tracks. A word is painted on each box in the colour blue or purple. From left to right, the boxes read "Inclusion," "Stigma," "Visionary Leadership," Support," and "Oppression." Aiden is jumping high above the boxes, directly above the one that reads, "Oppression," as though he is going to land on it and crush it. He has short, bright blue hair and glasses, and he is wearing jeans, a t-shirt with lettering, a long grey housecoat, and hiking shoes. All of this is taking place in front of a colourful mural, with various objects that are playfully hand-painted, such as a watermelon, airplane, upside-down truck, sideways house, and a sun with a cat's face.  

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